Bannder : Chief Architect To Kerkythea

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Chief Architect 1


 1. Build model in Chief Architect

  • Example is 30'x15' Imperial units (feet/inches)
  • Example uses default hip roof, 4" brick exterior walls, 4'x4' slider windows and 3068 exterior glass door and 4 "Recessed Down Light 6" lights in ceiling and 2 "Blossom Sconce" wall sconces on walls


Chief Architect 2


2. Export the model from Chief Architect to a VRML file.


Chief Architect 3


3. In AccuTrans 3D, set import parameters and read VRML file.


Chief Architect 4


4. Using the 'Save With Options' dialog box

  • Set export parameters.
  • Set output scale factor.
  • Position the model at or close to the origin.
  • Set global parameters for the different light types.
  • Save to a Kerkythea scene file.


Chief Architect 5


5. In Kerkythea, read scene file and render.


For additional information, see the Tutorial in the Help file.

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