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A 2D open or closed outline can be extruded using a profile made with an unlimited number of bevels. 

The outlines can be created from a TrueType font, from 2D polylines in a DXF file or from converting colored shapes from a BMP file using up to 256 colors.

Custom make bevels. Edit individual vertices and edges of bevels. Insert and delete points. Delete or divide edges.


Extrude 3

Shown are two outlines that AccuTrans 3D created from the TrueType font called AlgerianBasD by URW Software.  Both letters were extruded at the same time.  The outlines were created on the same XY plane but each letter was placed on its own layer.  An AccuTrans 3D option allows a unique bevel profile to be applied to each layer.  The letter A used both an upper and lower bevel profile and the letter B used just an upper bevel profile.

The extruded objects have a red line which indicates the location of the original outline.  The side view of the extrusion shows the red line at the same elevation for both letters.  The letter A extends both above and below the original elevation while the letter B just extends above the original elevation.  The zero point of the bevel profile is placed at the original elevation.

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